Thursday, 19 May 2011

Menswear to lust after

[Images taken from River Island online].

A male friend of mine was recently lamenting the lack of good quality menswear available that doesn't tick the 'lad in Ibiza' box, or the 'gangsta wannabe from a cosy suburb' box. It is pretty tough, because most fashion outlets tend to target one of these core types of male dresser and neglect the ones who just want something a little bit different. Here are three of my top picks from River Island's menswear range -

  • The printed t-shirt that doesn't make you cringe (Pause t-shirt, £14.99). I've lost count of the number of blokes I've seen wearing cheesy tees with slogans that imply they are God's gift to women. This option is much more laid back and happens to be quite versatile - nothing to offend your granny, but perfect for a day or night out. They also do a 'Rewind' one, should you feel the need to collect both.
  • The glam-rocker-meets-Goth boots (Black smart Western-style ankle boots, £49.99). Yes, I know a lot of men think that pointy shoes are for posers, but these are seriously cool. They'd be great for a job interview, or indeed something a lot less important, and they have the added bonus of being more water-resistant than your old trainers with holes in.
  • The patriotic bag that doesn't feature corgis or anything about Kate and William (Stone Union Jack holdall bag, £39.99). I do love a good Union Jack print, almost as much as leopard, though obviously a man in leopard print would not be a brilliant look. This bag is functional but also a bit quirky, so you won't lose it easily and it'll add a bit of colour if you're fond of wearing all black or neutrals. You can fit loads in a holdall, so expect this to serve you well for many a weekend or holiday trip.
Of course, menswear isn't just restricted to men. I would quite happily buy any of these items myself - as long as you're a size 6 or above then male footwear will fit you, too. A man's t-shirt can make a great slouchy top or even a dress, with barely any adjustments. As for bags - well, there don't tend to be gender labels on the key styles. I will definitely return to spotlighting menswear, but this is just a taste of what the high street has to offer.

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