Monday, 16 December 2013

Photo Essay: Liberty's Christmas Windows for 2013

With Selfridges out the way, it's time to focus on Liberty, another London department store with a rich history. Right now, Liberty is also the centre of attention thanks to a behind-the-scenes Channel 4 documentary, the final part of which will be broadcast tonight, so there's no better time to look at the windows of the famous mock Tudor building with its signature purple bags, that same purple of the lining of a bar of Cadbury's chocolate. Tuck into the company's minimalist visual merchandising vision for Christmas 2013...

Christmas star shaped arrangements at Liberty department store
 In previous years, these windows have featured a psychedelic frog and glamorous tableaux of mannequins, but 2013 called for simplicity, a smattering of sequins and starbursts.

Wooden mask, maps and bag on display in Liberty window
 Each star contained products based on a particular theme or customer - this one definitely covered travel, with a distinctive wooden sculpture and some beautifully covered maps.

Minimalist window display in London
 More travel, anyone? The phrenology head sat alongside a globe and a Moroccan lantern.

Festive window displays Xmas 2013 in Liberty
 A little Statue of Liberty snowglobe or paperweight added a pun on the shop's name.

Globe, ship in a bottle and toiletries in Christmas 2013 display
 Fancy setting sail with these gifts?

Flamingo in London department store
 A flamingo ticked the kitsch box.

Luxury designer brands in festive store window
 A solitary mannequin in this window showed just how uncluttered the displays were in comparison with previous years, when it was hard to see everything crammed in.

Black Rockstud pump by Valentino with red trousers
 Rockstud pumps by Valentino got my attention.

A taste of the seasonal windows at Liberty 2013
Fur trimmed boots were placed with stylish homeware pieces.

Purple Liberty boxes on mannequins as hats
 I couldn't resist a peek inside, either. These mannequins and their present hats stopped me in my tracks.

Matilda-inspired display overlooking scarf hall
One of the building's rare open spaces, overlooking the scarf hall, was dedicated to the West End musical, Matilda, complete with letter panels and a paint-splattered satchel.

Considering Liberty's Christmas shop alone attracts 250,000 visitors every year, it's fair to say that the visual merchandising on the outside plays an important part in drawing potential customers through the doors. 

Obviously going minimalist can be a risk for a place so readily associated with opulence and floors piled with goods, but I think it will help Liberty to stand out from the crowd. I would have liked to see a bit more colour in the windows, but otherwise the content is still going to grab people as they walk past. 

Do you think going minimalist at Christmas is a good idea for the store, or would you have preferred something crazier? Tweet me - @misspallen - or leave a comment below.

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