Sunday, 3 March 2013

Three Reasons To Be Excited About & Other Stories Launching

Fans of COS and H&M rejoice: there's a new sister brand joining the family. & Other Stories is the latest offering of Scandi cool that will be making an impact in wardrobes all over Europe, with the launch of a British store on 8th March in addition to branches in Paris, Copenhagen, Barcelona and Berlin, to name but a few.

Not only do they cover clothing and accessories, but you'll also find cosmetics. Look out for the cobalt blue and bright orange eyeshadow. Here are three key reasons why you should be clearing some space to fit the brand into your life:

Lookbook of new minimalist fashion brand & Other Stories
 [All images: & Other Stories, collaged by me].

1. The minimalist cuts are bold and beautiful

It doesn't matter whether you like your minimalism a bit space-age, metallic and sleek, or full of bold colours and soft fabrics; either way, expect cleverly cut pieces combining different textures, such as the iridescent clutch bag with a chunky tassel. I think my favourite piece in the whole preview so far has been the pink long-sleeved dress (£65), which sits on the hips.

Black and white suit, heels and accessories from & Other Stories
Check out those accessories.

2. The price points are pretty accessible

Expect prices that sit more in the region of COS than H&M, meaning you maybe won't be doing a Primark-style Supermarket Sweep, but you'll be able to indulge now and again, with sunglasses at £17 and rings at £12 and a bargain blue clutch at £19, but also there are investment buys such as directional heels for around £80-90. As with COS, the most expensive items tend to be jackets, dresses and shoes, whereas in H&M the rule of thumb tends to see premium knitwear and dresses being more expensive than most shoes or jackets.

Maxi dress, blue clutch and heels from & Other Stories
Flattering shapes from the collection.

3. You'll be able to hide your flaws

Judging by the lookbook, there's not a body-con item in sight. Instead you get pencil skirts that don't cling and tailored trousers that flatter without cutting off the circulation. I only wish that I'd be able to pull off the black maxi dress with the very, ahem, minimalist top panels, but I guess it does help to narrow down my ever-increasing wishlist...

If you want to find out more, pop into 256-258 Regent Street from 12pm on 8th March, or visit I already know that my first story will end with me getting out my wallet!

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