Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A Fashion Postcard from Berlin

Berlin landmarks
 A snapshot of Berlin from my travels.

I've just got back from a whistlestop tour of Berlin, Colditz and Dresden (yep, I don't do holidays by halves) and it seemed only fitting to share some of the sights of the German capital which is known for being a gathering point for hipsters. 

Local residents are so sick of trendy gangs of youths - think Dalston but with Euros instead of pounds being dropped on achingly cool fashion and overpriced cocktails - that they've told them to leave Berlin alone. Having managed to avoid most of the scenesters on my trip, I can safely say that the city is fascinating enough without paying them much lip service.

Berlin autumn leaves
 The leaves were beautifully rusty around the city centre.
If you want a style reference, think Christina Hendricks' hair.

Berlin mime artist
 A mime artist reclines by the Brandenburg Gate.

Humana Vintage Clothing Berlin
 If you want to buy authentic vintage that gives back to charity, go to Humana.

Humana Vintage Clothing Berlin
 The Humana store in Alexanderplatz is an affordable treasure trove. I loved the coats!

Berlin Street Style
 The woman on the left had some amazing baggy harem pants that caught my eye.

MiuMiu Nails Berlin
 Someone should tell Miuccia Prada that a nail salon in the U-Bahn rather likes her name.

Berlin Street Photography
 A short walk from Potsdamer Platz, I spotted this man deep in hipster thought.

Berlin Traditional Costume
 How to do brand awareness, German style: dress up your workers in lederhosen and other traditional costumes. Add copious amounts of Schnapps and some fake gold bars.

Berlin Wall Art - Chewing Gum
 I'm pretty chuffed with how this photo of the Berlin Wall turned out.
This particular section had an almost pebble-dashed chewing gum pattern.

Film Museum Berlin
The poster art promoting the film museum was really interesting.
[All photos my own. Please ask before reproducing].

This is just a small portion of what I got up to on my travels, but I hope you'll excuse the absence from blogging. I did take my iPad and intended to blog but the Wi-Fi costs in hotels still remain ridiculously high (and I refuse to pay them) and also my trip was utterly packed with little down-time, so I decided to focus on photography for a bit. 

If you're thinking of going to Berlin then I'd thoroughly recommend it, whether you're into fashion or not; there's so much to see and I certainly don't feel that I've done enough.

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