Monday, 30 April 2012

Brighton Vintage Fair Photo Essay, Part II

 A flash of this season's lilac, but vintage style.

 1950s Riviera chic - this is how summer should be.

 The scarab beetle design of this clutch bag caught my eye.

 The view from the glove section...

 More sunglasses than you can shake a stick at.

 Nice bit of Coronation kitsch, in time for the Jubilee celebrations.

 A very quick snap of a stallholder (her very sweet child is just out of shot).

 A flamingo would set you back just a few quid here. Brilliantly quirky.

 Another very quick snap, this time of a dapper bloke who went for a flat cap and waistcoat look.

These playing cards formed the perfect backdrop to some paste jewellery.

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