Friday, 17 February 2012

LFW A/W2012: PPQ's Bicycles and Beauty Spots

[Images collaged from live stream feed of London Fashion Week].
When PPQ opened their show with a model pushing a bicycle like it was the latest accessory to have on your arm, I knew things were going to be good. This nod to all things British and quirky was mirrored by their Autumn/Winter collection, which was 80% sheer class and 20% bonkers - perhaps not the make-up of the average Brit, but very eyecatching nonetheless. Models sported beauty spots and matte red lipstick, which firmly set things in retro mode.

As you can see above, the palette was heavily monochrome, with flashes of deep green only in the latter part of the show, which really made them stand out. I particularly liked the combinations of green satin and white tights with embellished silvery knees, and the outsized embellished white collar of a skinny jacket, as they both resembled a baroque and roll revival (baroque styling plus modern bling).

Texture-wise, we were given a variety of options, from the aforementioned satin to fluffy black coats and tartan scarves that draped across the body. My favourite fabric choice was the black PVC which appeared in the form of oversized knickers, pencil skirt suits and bags, just because it was incorporated so effortlessly into a chic and demure show that it bypassed the usual bondage connotations. This was PVC but not as we know it.

As for shapes and forms, I really enjoyed the crisp white shirt-cum-bodysuit seen just off centre in the collage above. It was a brilliant combination of modern and period dressing and it looked beautiful. I'm not sure if it will filter down to the high street in its original form, but I look forward to seeing which shops handle the gauntlet. One look that I would definitely bet is being re-worked in a factory as I type is the almost dalmatian print satin one shoulder dress in the top right hand corner; tied simply with a black bow and falling to maxi-dress length, it was a simple but elegant way to do quirky eveningwear. 

Something I am looking forward to recreating with some fabric is the draped dress seen centre right in the collage above, with its panel of thick woolen tartan and a belted waist. It reminds me of Alexander McQueen's McQ tartan dress from a few seasons ago, and I designed a similar dress for a Boohoo competition last year (such is my devotion to this kind of design). I hope to see high street stores like COS and Topshop picking up this style and making it their own. 

All in all, this was a very strong collection that gave us a polished woman who was anything but a wallflower. The individual twists in a lot of the pieces felt natural - this was not enforced absurdity, just little nuances that appeared to blend seamlessly with the more basic crowd-pleasing looks. The addition of bikes was perfectly timed, with media attention focused on all things British in the lead-up to the Olympics, and I'm sure that will generate them some extra column inches and gain PPQ some more fans.


  1. It was a fantastic combination of modern and period dressing and it looked beautiful. Above every collection is mind blowing. I really enjoyed your photos.

  2. Glad you liked the collection too (and my photo collages)!

    Polly x


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