Monday, 12 September 2011

All the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey...

[Image above and below taken from River Island online]. Here's something to whet your appetite for autumn - the perfect cropped leather jacket, courtesy of River Island. Its boxy shape means that it adds bulk to boyish figures, but it's less easy to pull off if you're big in the chest department (that includes me, but I can dream of owning this all the same). The fringing detail is cool without being too in-your-face, and you could cut off those bits if they annoyed you and still have a decent, genuine leather jacket.

I love the back view - it's the kind of jacket you can imagine picking up in a flea market and wearing to death. It's also very celluloid bad boy, as if it could be worn by a bloke with no morals and a devilish grin (you know the type). At £150 it's not a cheap investment, but you get what you pay for and this should last ages.

I wanted to show you the back view of this gorgeous Warehouse dress first [taken from Warehouse online], because it has one of those vintage twists with the peephole neckline. The print is also lovely - it's traditional without being too prim and proper. Bird motifs always seem to do well on the high street, and this will be no exception.

From the front, you really see the silk fabric at its best. The cut means that it's flattering to a larger stomach because there's a band to nip in your waist and draw attention to that instead. I also like the petal-shaped sleeves, which are a simple but effective addition to this design. It's £65, which nicely fits into that 'special occasion' price range for weddings/corporate events/regular office wear if your dress code goes beyond suits.

[Image taken from Topshop online]. These boots have sold out, which made me incredibly sad, but also determined to track them down in store (please have a size 7, local Topshop!). Ticking dual trend boxes of Chelsea boots and 80s glitterati, they are a bargain at £36 and they might well be a great icebreaker. Yes, they're very 'fashion student', but also quite playful; the wearer probably doesn't take themselves too seriously. What to team them with, if you can find a pair? Definitely not blue denim - you'd look like a member of B*Witched. I'd advise black skinny jeans and an oversized t-shirt, or a long shirt with leggings and minimal make-up, with just one element of the face looking 'done' (eyes, lips or brows). Then sprinkle some stardust and get ready to rock.


  1. Did you know those boots are now £5? Picked up a pair for myself last week.

    1. That's amazing - I had no idea! Will be popping into the sale to grab them :)

      Polly x


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