Sunday, 16 January 2011

Crisis Clothing

I'm experiencing a problem which hasn't significantly reared its ugly head in nearly ten years; one of my peers is stealing my style. The last time this happened was in school, and my eclectic multi-layered t-shirts and baggy brightly coloured cords became the ultimate items for one of my closest friends. It was supposed to feel flattering but it just felt disappointing, and that's still my reaction now. The difference is, we're not at school any more; this decade's look-thief is someone who is normally quite content to do her own thing, yet recently she's been absorbing my hair colour, hair style, clothing ensembles and other such small and seemingly insignificant details. It's frustrating when I spend ages trying to express myself through what I wear or how I present myself, and then suddenly there she is, expressing me through her own body (if that makes any sense). It's truly maddening. I don't feel I can say anything because we haven't spoken properly in a while - that's right, this modern version of imitation is conducted by her checking on my Facebook photos and 'liking' them. It's a sad day when the technology that unites you with your friends also makes you want to slap them.

1 comment:

  1. Such is the nature of the beast.

    If you continue on in your field of endeavour it won't just be one or two people who want to dress like you. Get used to it.


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