Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Photo Evidence of a Genius Window Display

Liberty has the best Christmas window displays in London: FACT. I love the theatricality and the determination to combine Christmassy warmth with a dash of cool. I do not, however, love the service in Liberty - I decided to treat myself to a sheet of wrapping paper (I know, last of the big spenders... but it did cost me a fiver and it's a beautiful old map of England) and could have honestly received better service in Primark. What's more, the guy in front of me spending £400 (yup, I was eavesdropping) got the same indifferent treatment, at the same snail pace. It's lucky for Liberty that their visual merchandisers are working harder than their sales assistants, because it's displays like this one which will keep customers coming back rather than defecting to other department stores, or indeed online shopping. Much as I adore their window displays, I'm not sure I'll be going back to purchase anything in a hurry.

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