Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Shop Window Moments

Three things catching my eye this week:

1.) Zara's menswear mannequins which seem to subconsciously pay tribute to the monk haircuts seen in Channel 4's The Pillars of the Earth (a fantastic series, by the way). I half expected Prior Phillip to pop up in the background. The severe bowl haircut was also seen on some of their female mannequins, but managed to look more elfin. The image I have captured seems to suggest how a monk might dress if he were out of the monastery...
2.) H&M for Lanvin windows, seen on 22nd November. I was browsing outside and. failing to realise it was the 22nd and not the 23rd, left bemused as to why there was no long queue snaking down Oxford Street for the collection opening. On the correct day, things were as you would expect, and the crowds were entertained by an in-store dj playing headache-induscing music. I managed to pick up some Lanvin fishnet tights that had been discarded by another shopper and the accompanying packaging really makes this collection. Elbaz has gone all-out to give the H&M customer a boutique experience. Regarding the clothing, it was pretty and bright, but hard to tell apart from other pieces on the high street except for the graphic t-shirts. However, for the packaging alone, it was worth a visit.
3.) Zara's female mannequins (the non-elfin ones) plumped for decadent plumage-style hair in scarlet, much like the shade I'm currently trying to achieve. There is something of the Queen's Guards about them, which I really like.

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