Wednesday, 20 October 2010

COS gets arty

Today I decided to check out a new video on the rather brilliant Dazed Digital website, which showed the partnership between the clothing line COS and the Frieze Art Fair:

I really like this video as a piece of art, but I feel like it takes too much direct inspiration from existing filmed content – namely the Sony Bravia advert with the bouncing balls of colour (directed by Nicolai Fuglsig), which become balloons here, and the Girls Aloud video for ‘Sexy (No No No)’, which used coloured tape and strips to create a tangled effect, which became entwined ribbons here. I would have expected something a little more innovative to be hitting me as a viewer, or at least to recall two ideas lifted from other projects within the space of a minute and a half. The mimicking behaviour also doesn’t really befit COS as a brand, because the company is giving the high street a much-needed injection of minimalism and innovative fabric cuts, not the same old tried-and-tested gimmicks. The one element that works for me is the switching between different areas and frames, which is visually stimulating and keeps you guessing as to what will be revealed next. I think that COS has headed in the right direction by using artists in order to develop their commercial presence, but the video should have been developed further and perhaps made more abstract than it currently is.

I feel that the video could have worked better if it was promoting COS' line for children, where the blobs of colour, glitter and ribbons would sit nicely amongst young models and perhaps I wouldn't have immediately connected it with Girls Aloud. That said, it's a great piece to watch if you just want to see people having fun in clothes and not looking utterly bored or serious. My conclusion would be: fun video, but too much deja-vu and not a clear enough brand direction.

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