Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Working In Fashion

So, I've finished my degree (what a scary thought that is!) and have now turned my attention to the world of work. I've sent off an application for a further education course in Fashion Journalism, because clearly I'm now a bit of a sucker for all this learning. It'll be nice to do something a bit more vocational, though, and feel like I'm preparing myself for working in the fashion industry. Everything suddenly feels very real! Anyway, I don't find out for a while if I've even got an interview, let alone a place on the course, as I applied quite early in order to look efficient and maybe irritatingly keen (apparently it's better that way than doing a late application, which can look too spontaneous). At the moment, my life is full of waiting, for both my degree results and a potential interview and exam for this course. I'm passing the time by slowly packing up my room to leave university, reading lots of Jackie Collins (because my mind has been a bit damaged by too much studying of serious books discussing semiotics and Renaissance gentility, for example) and cutting up old magazines.

Of course, I can't live on Vogue alone, and so I've been looking for any kind of work related to fashion for the summer and beyond, but the town where I live seems to be full of overly enthusiastic workers who will not leave their posts as sales assistants and visual merchandisers for the next generation to take over. Sometimes it seems more likely that I will be offered a position as a forklift truck driver than a cashier in a shop. I've also applied for some internships, but obviously competition is tough as graduates battle it out, and this is partly why the journalism course will be useful: having any kind of advantage over your fellow interviewees has got to be worth it. It'd be fascinating to learn the ropes of fashion writing in a prestigious institution as well... basically, I'm excited just thinking about it.

Everything feels like a turning point at the moment, but it's got to be a good thing, right?


  1. So that's where you've been! Finishing your degree. I can't now remember how I came across your blog, but it's been a complete dead loss. I was hoping for fashion guidance, being a thoroughly hopeless unstereotypical homosexual, and you just disappeared (I'm no good at interior decoration, dancing, or gossip either - at cooking, on the other hand, I'm fucking brilliant). By chance I noticed in my bloglist that you'd come back to life so for fuck's sake get writing. It's all very well signing up for courses, but a well-followed, bright blog on the subject of fashion would make your cv look a little less mournful. 2 followers is not getting yourself out there! Plus it might help me. Good luck, by the way. Love, Alec

  2. Sorry about that - things have been very hectic and I was doing my Degree Show, entering writing competitions and also moving out of my uni house, so a lot of things ended up sliding, such as this blog :S
    Full service will now be resumed, alongside the sprucing up of the CV!


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