Sunday, 31 January 2010

Fashion Is Art

So I've got to give a 15 minute Powerpoint presentation talk thing as part of the Fine Art course I'm doing, and it has to be on my studio inspiration and career goals. The thing is, when they say career goals, they mean you should wax lyrical about how you want to be an artist cos the pay is s fantastic and the integrity is so important that no-one ever sells out to be commercial and everyone is so rich nowadays that they can afford studio space at the drop of a hat and throw pots to their heart's content. A.k.a. IT'S ALL A LOAD OF BOLLOCKS.

So, what's a girl to do? Lie, of course. I am going to discuss how I can't wait to exhibit further (or not), possibly design a line of greetings cards to sell locally (they like community stuff), and I am hoping to fund an MA in something arty (when I'd rather eat my own arm than go through the rigmarole of a practical course again). In reality, I'm trying to break into fashion journalism, slowly but surely, and in an ideal world then I'd be able to discuss this in my presentation as fashion and art are inextricably linked. However, at my university, there seems to have been a fashion black hole in the Art Department. The colour palette for this season in the studio seems to be black for printmaking (no shit, Sherlock) and beige for painting. That is literally it. Not a nice nude beige with embellishment, just a beige shirt and beige slacks and crummy shoes. I literally thought I was being tutored by a Digestive biscuit.

I am going to try and squeeze in as much sartorial enthusiasm as possible, but preaching to the Old Guard means that fashion is an alien concept which they treat with deep suspicion. So out come the lies in order to get the grade (fingers crossed). I guess I'm selling myself out as much as the artists, then.

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