Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Clashing Prints

This was how I approached packing for the Christmas holidays - basically I started trying on strange combinations from my wardrobe. I tend to do this during times of stress, particularly on the night before an important exam... no idea why, but it's somehow quite relaxing to think about something so utterly alien to what you are meant to be doing. Anyway, the silk tunic has never yet made it out of my wardrobe because it's not a fabric I tend to wear a lot of (I am far too messy!), but I love the ombre/tie-dye thing and the deep black-blue colour is really beautiful. The scarf is made out of a skirt from a charity shop which purported to be a size 12 but was lying, so it got chopped up because I fell in love with the print. Then I stuck a black slip underneath, because the problem with silk is that it's impossibly sheer and you have to have an impeccable body to even consider not lining it with anything. Merry Christmas!

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